User Support


Service Design & Delivery - Delivering great support is a universal ideal, but often becomes the first major "growing pain" for a small company. Creating scalable support requires accounting for many factors: product complexity and quality, customer expectations, and available staff. Having built global support teams, Astrocolossal can help make your support team awesome.

Training & Enablement - Having a stable team that is able to help customers in a predictable, engaging support model is an achievable goal. But this requires a strong process, which gets support staff started on the right foot, and continues to let them know they are appreciated for doing the sometimes difficult (intellectually and emotionally) customer facing work.

Culture - Many companies don't realize that their support team are their most active users. They know the product and how customers are using it. Making sure the team feels empowered, making sure their feedback is being heard, and developing a career roadmap ensures that Support isn't just a high-turnover stop on the way to a better role in a different department or a different company.

User Training

Regardless of how easy a product's user interface is, some users will undoubtedly struggle. When a new user can't actually gain value from the product, they lose time spent while figuring it out on their own. We find this is often a risky proposition. Why leave it to your users to learn your product, when this may lead to, at best, a bad first impression or at worst, early churn due to inability to adopt the product.

Training strategies can vary greatly, but there are some fundamental beliefs we have at Astrocolossal which lead to more efficient product use. Let us create an engaging training plan that works.


No amount of marketing and outbound sales can rival the power of your customers to sell your products for you. This puts the pressure on you to listen, make sure your product vision is aligned with your customers, or if not, you can explain why. 

Having a clear channel for you and your users to communicate is imperative. Equally important is that they can communicate with each other. This is the path to real organic growth. We can help ignite great conversations about your product.


Documentation. Just reading that word made your eyes roll up into your head didn't it? We know. We don't write those kinds of docs. We also don't write the kind that frustrate your user's with labyrinthine instructions and Inceptions of links to other docs.

Let's make it easy for your users to get stuff done, and when the product can't explain for itself, let's make docs that sing.