Training Methodologies

We use task-based learning as a methodology, and have various approaches to making training hands-on and engaged. We create training curriculum based user journeys, and then we fine-tune. We tie the training tasks to established best practices, which creates a foundation for the user to expand upon, rather than subjecting trainees to rote tasks soon forgotten. We can design and deliver the training, or we can "train the trainers."

But mostly we are hams who like getting people excited about interesting tech. Training includes:

User Training

  • Live Training
    • Course development and delivery
  • Technical Documentation
    • Tutorials
    • Guides
    • Video training and production

Internal Training

  • Customer Support/Customer Success 
  • Customer Onboarding Programs
  • Sales Enablement
    • Product demo design and delivery
    • Competitive strategy: winning against competitors
  • Marketing
    • Advertising Scripts
    • Blog
    • Technical Newsletters
    • Webinars
    • Conference session design
    • Conference Booth Technical Expert/Evangelism