Global Entry

Internationalization & Localization

Japan and America are the world leaders in technology, yet each country struggles to enter each other’s markets. Often, this is because of both language barriers and cultural differences, and these are often confusingly intertwined.

Prior to entry, we can help with market research, persona creation, and user testing. Additionally, we will adapt your application interface, API and technology to the Japanese or English-speaking culture you are targeting.

Overcoming these barriers can become your competitive advantage.

Follow the Sun Support

Offering off-hours support for your home country, or offering support for countries in different time zones is a necessary leap for growing companies. Building the process and workflow can get complicated, especially with SLAs or complex contractual agreements.

Making the promise that support will always be there requires a solid strategy, complete with handover, fallback, and escalation strategy. We can help you create a collaborative global support infrastructure with solid processes.

Product Demos

We help build the demos that impress. Rather than spout out features, we create stories that connect with users. We help you tell the tales that matter to your users and decision makers. We provide workshops to tailor these product adventures to pre-sales, onboarding, or conferences.

We also help build interactive and automated exhibits. Robots and all. Let's put on a show!

APAC Representation

Moving into foreign markets requires legal, cultural and technical changes. We can provide management, staff and infrastructure for English and Japanese language support. We can work as a single point of contact for your customers or local vendors in Japan or the US.

English Language Support Training

If English isn't your support team's native language, providing great support can be a stressful task, for your team and your users. We provide support training and workshops which improve communication, create open and friendly exchanges and speed up the time to resolve support requests.

Workshops are product-specific and conducted both online and on-premises.