Customer Success

Customer Success Strategy

Regardless of company maturity, customer-facing programs are often implemented piecemeal and quickly, usually in an effort to put out the latest fire. The result can be an uneven customer experience where gaps or duplication of services exist. We can help analyze existing programs and determine where opportunities exist for streamlining the paths your users take and whom the guide is. 

Customer Journeys

Every company builds a relationship with their customers – that’s why touchpoints with customers are important because they shape how the customer perception across channels and ultimately impact the renewal decision. Understanding and meeting customer expectations and desired experience at different stages is important for building trust in the product and delivering consistent performance.

We can bring clarity and map out the steps and mindset of customers as they engage with your company. By identifying these different touchpoints with customers, we can determine where improvements in efficiencies can be made, eliminate confusing interactions, and make recommendations to help you stay on-brand.


Data shows that customer perception and experience with a product in the first 60 days is one of the major determining factors in retention rates over the following three years. Getting the experience right and driving home the right value propositions are crucial. Minimizing confusion, setting expectations on deploy timelines, and executing the project according to customer expectations are the three cornerstones of a great onboarding. By achieving the customer's desired outcome, you aid their success and build a strong bond.

The best approach depends on your product and many other factors, and we can build a scalable process for you.

User Personae

When a product is built, often we base decisions on our own internal experience. But as time passes, we often make less informed decisions about what new users need, or how use is changing. Understanding your customer's goals, motivations, and needs is important.

User personas, based on various data sources, especially actual field research, are a fantastic way to do this. They can also pinpoint areas of opportunity or where an inordinate amount of time is spent. They are not only useful in service and support design, but in unifying the image of the user across all departments.

CSM Training

Building a team of empowered, informed Customer Success Managers means that your company's front line is able to handle any situation deftly. Rarely does any single person have the unique combination of technical skills, project management and soft skills, so providing your most valued CSMs initial and ongoing training and career development is a good idea.

Our workshops are tailored to each customer's unique product and challenges. We cover different tactics for maximizing the customer interaction for value and fun. Because most data shows, everybody likes fun!